Cincinnati’s Golden Specific

Advertisements from the turn of the century are often funny or even a bit shocking. Back then, there was no regulation governing what manufacturers could say when marketing their products. They could make wild claims of almost supernatural success without anything to back it up.

This was the case for Golden Specific, an elixir that was said to be the cure (the only cure) for alcoholism. Golden Specific was manufactured in Cincinnati, Ohio and marketed to women whose husbands drank. This particular ad stood out when because it goes a step beyond fantastic claims of success, by advising the buyers to administer it to their husbands by secretly spiking their coffee with it. Once in the subject’s system, some strange alchemy would take place and they would no longer want to drink. Like an anti-roofie.

This begs the question, is the husband’s drinking really that bad? It seems like the wife’s secret drugging is much worse. And who knows, if Golden Specific didn’t work, they might try putting something else in their coffee.

But according to this testimonial, the husband was okay with it. Scroll down to read the ad. I’d love to hear what you think!

Golden Specific Advertisement

Few men become drunkards from choice or inclination. All welcome release from the awful habit. Golden Specific will cure the worst habitual drunkard.

Its cure is sure, without harmful results to the system. Many a home is now happy by the use of Golden Specific.

“My husband got into the habit of taking a drink with the boys on his way home,” says Mrs. Harry Burnside. “After a while he came home drunk frequently. He’s soon lost his position and I had to make a living for both of us and the little children. At times he tried to sober up, but the habit was too strong for him and then he would drink harder than ever.

“I heard of Golden Specific and sent for a free package. The treatment cured him. I put it in his coffee and he never knew it at all. He regained his old position and now we are happy and our little home again. I hope you will send Golden Specific to every woman that has suffered as I have and save her loved ones from the drunkards grave.”

Send your name and address to Dr. J.W. Haines, 683 Glenn Building, Cincinnati, Ohio and he will mail you a free package of Golden Specific in a plain wrapper, accompanied by full directions how to use it. Enough of the remedy is sent in each free package to give you an opportunity to witness it’s a marvelous effect on those who are slaves to drink.

Do not delay. You cannot tell what may happen to the man who drinks, and you would never forgive yourself for waiting.

They look very happy

5 thoughts on “Cincinnati’s Golden Specific

  1. I can imagine that in those days hiding the cure was outta fear so if afraid I imagine women did this. HOWEVER me being me , I am sure it would be one dose of this stuff not working and then trying the “cure all rat poison” 😇


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