Book #2, Cold Heart, out December 2020 – plus, first look at the back of the book

Hello Old Spirituals readers,

I’m very excited to share that my second book, Cold Heart, will be published on December 3 of this year! It’s an incredible true story about a murder that took place in Buffalo, NY in 1903. The victim and those close to him were fantastically wealthy but they were also plagued with scandal for years before the murder occurred.

You’re the first to see the plot synopsis from the back cover. Scroll down a little further to see a picture of the victim and his estranged wife.

1903, Buffalo, New York. Ed Burdick, a wealthy manufacturer known for his kindness and generosity, and his wife Alice had a life few could imagine. The couple had three beautiful daughters, and they were fixtures in the elite Elmwood Avenue set. Despite rumors of trouble in the Burdick marriage, few believed it until Ed ordered his wife out of their home and filed for divorce. The whispers about their separation abruptly ended when Ed Burdick was brutally murdered in his den while his family slept upstairs. The police found a mosaic of conflicting clues at the crime scene. The investigation uncovered shocking information about the Buffalo tycoon’s life, and no shortage of suspects with a motive for murder.

The murder of Ed Burdick is the true story of the great unsolved mystery of turn of the century Buffalo and a terrible wrong that was never put right.


Ed and Alice Burdick, circa 1902


4 thoughts on “Book #2, Cold Heart, out December 2020 – plus, first look at the back of the book

    • Thank you! Even though the book centers around a vicious murder, it isn’t tragic like Jennie Bosschieter’s death in The Poisoned Glass. You won’t believe how much scandal was associated with the victim and people connected to the case. If it were fiction, people would say the story was too unrealistic but it’s 100% true! Partly it’s because the people connected to the case were fabulously wealthy and they could afford to do things that were/are far beyond the reach of regular people like you and me. The victim seems like the most inoffensive person imaginable, but you’ll discover there were a surprising number of people who had a motive to murder him.
      I’m going to post about it here and there leading up to the release date.


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