Name that Handwriting Contest (Win a Free Signed Copy of The Poisoned Glass!)

The names of the people who match all six people to the correct handwriting will be placed into a drawing, and two people will win a signed paperback copy of The Poisoned Glass.

This contest will be open until next Sunday, July 19, 2020 at 6 p.m. (PST), when a follow-up post will appear with the answers.

  • Vincent Van Gogh, painter (most famous work is Starry Night)
  • George Orwell, writer (wrote Animal Farm and 1984)
  • Walt Whitman, poet and humanist
  • Pablo Picasso, painter, father of Cubism
  • Nikola Tesla, inventor (AC current)
  • Josephine Baker, singer, dancer

Good luck!


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  1. Here’s my guess:

    B) Vincent Van Gogh
    A) George Orwell
    C) Walt Whitman
    D) Pablo Picasso
    E) Nikola Tesla
    F) Josephine Baker


  2. My best guess is,
    A – Pablo Picasso
    B – George Orwell
    C – Josephine Baker
    D – Vincent Van Gogh
    E – Nikola Tesla
    F – Walt Whitman


  3. a – Vincent Van Gogh
    b – Nikola Tesla
    cc – Josephine Baker
    d – Pablo Picasso
    e – George Orwell
    f – Walt Whitman


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