Mugshot March: Crimes of the Gentler Sex

Are women really the gentler sex? It’s a view men have held for centuries, but is it true?  I think most women would disagree.

Humans are humans. There are probably at least as many wicked women as there are wicked men. Men are far more likely to commit violent crimes but this can be at least partially attributed to the fact that men are much stronger physically and more able to commit violent crimes.

My guess is that women aren’t less criminal, just more creative and more likely to get away with crimes!

This selection of mugshots features shoplifters, prostitutes, anarchists, abortion assistants, and a would-be cowgirl murderess!

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Much like the ladies of the Mugshot March contest, I believe some of the subjects here are being a little bit deceptive about their ages.

Maggie Moore, age 35, arrested in NYC Aug 26, 1910 for Malicious Mischief


Rose Foster, 32, was arrested March 9, 1911, for larceny over $25. The report notes that her sentence was suspended


Jennie Lester was arrested in March 1914 for enticing to illicit intercourse. She got 1-3 years in the Nebraska State Prison


Lillian Boland, 31, worked as a secretary for an illegal abortionist who operated out of a dentist’s surgery. Boland protested her ignorance of the ‘doctor’s’ work; however, the court didn’t buy it. Convicted of conspiracy to procure an abortion. Suspended sentence of 12 months hard labour.


Minnie O’Hara, 28, of Grand Rapids, was arrested December 11, 1900 for larceny from a store. She was sentenced to 2 years in a Detroit jail


Mary Shannon was arrested for maiming


NYC police museum. Mamie Polosky. 1922. Dishonest servant. Would you trust this one?


Mary Snowdon A gunman, leader of a notorious gang, college graduate, lawyer, prosecutor and friend of cowboy film star William S. Hart. Convicted of assault with intent to murder.


NYC police museum. Anna Hill, 29, booked in 1909 for impersonating an officer. Do you believe she was 29?


“Eliza Fallon made her living turning tricks”


Emma Goldman, famed anarchist, 1901

2 thoughts on “Mugshot March: Crimes of the Gentler Sex

  1. Wow! First off, EVERYONE in these recent mugshots look like they were tied to the back of a horse and drug all around in the dirt square for a few hours before being booked. Man! Everyone was DIRTY, in need of a shave, shower and good barber/beautician. Most of these people look sad, tired and guilty. NONE of these women look particularly gentle, especially the older two allegedly working the streets, they look the worst!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, you’re rarely having your best day when you’re being arrested! It’s kind of funny, the reason I like mugshots is because you get a look right down to a person’s soul. You can see what people are made of. And you’re right, they look sad, tired, and guilty. But some of them look like they could’ve been pretty all right people. Maggie Moore seems like she could’ve been nice. If you can put aside the hat, Mary Snowdon seems like she’d be okay. But I wouldn’t trust Mamie Polosky (the dishonest servant) and Anna Hill (Ms. Impersonating an Officer) any further than I could throw them. Emma Goldman looks and was a hardbitten character. Lillian Boland looks steely. Butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth!


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