Mugshot March Contest: Win a Signed Copy of “Has it Come to This?”

Would you like to win a signed paperback copy of my new book, Has it Come to This? Join our Mugshot March contest!

In the early 1900s, law enforcement compiled an Album of Criminals, filled with mugshots of the nation’s most prolific shoplifters, pick pockets, burglars, and porch climbers, most of whom were men.

There were a few ladies in the Album of Criminals and their mugshots and descriptions are especially interesting. Apparently, they could tell the police any age they wanted, and the police had to take their word for it. Were they living hard or lying?

As an example, this is Sophie Schmidt who gave her age as 21, which seems a little dubious.


Mugshot March Contest!

(valid until Mar 31, 2022)

In the four photos below, guess what age each woman gave police when she was arrested. The person whose guesses are the closest wins a signed paperback copy of my new book, Has it Come to This?

Please note: the contest is over. Winner was announced March 31, along with the answers.



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  1. Well, lying in the Victorian Age must not have been even a venial sin. Seems every single woman did it, including my Grandmama, born sometime ca. 1901-1913 no one is sure! I just looked her up online and it says she would only be 106, and considering she died at 98 in 2005, that just doesn’t add up. Despite her, “Dear, I only lied about my age 1 year,” I’m thinking it’s more like 15 years Grandma and she got away with it!

    Anywho, I’m not including the women’s names or aliases, but here is my very uneducated guesses:
    #1. 45, #2. 36, #3. 42, and #4. 56. Thanks for letting me play “How Old is the Victorian!????”

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    • Thank you, Alisa! One reason why I love the Victorian age is because privacy was still a thing. You could be anything you wanted 😉
      You are officially entered into the contest!

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