Mugshot March: Bad Hair Days

If you get arrested, that’s a bad day. If you happen to have been having a bad hair day on the day you were arrested, knowing it will preserved for posterity must be especially galling.

Salvatore Gressi. 41 yrs old. Concealed weapon. 1912. NYC police museum.


Sam Westra, 17, was arrested May 15, 1911 for larceny. The report notes he was sentenced to 60 days in the county jail for the crime.


Edward Kelly, 34, also known as Thomas Murphy or Thomas Lally, was arrested May 2, 1902 on burglary charges in Martin. The report notes he had previously spent time in prison and was sentenced to 5 years in a Detroit jail for this crime


John Barczykowski, 17, of Buffalo, N.Y., was arrested September 6, 1909 for being a suspect in a Howard City burglary. Grand Rapids Public Museum


Ed Berry, arrested in January 1902 for allegedly robbing a post office. It was noted on the report that his left arm was amputated below the elbow.


Fred Welker, also known as Flying Dutchman, was arrested December 22, 1914 on burglary charges. He was later sentenced to 2-15 years in Jackson State Prison.

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