Fashion Pioneers of the Early 1910s

Let’s peruse the styles of the early 1910s.

Any fashionista can tell you, style can be a risk. And from the look of it, the fashions of 1910 indicate it was a very risky year!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder of course but in my opinion, fashion seemed dramatically improved by the onset of the Great War in 1914.

1910 Paris fashions 

1910s Head and shoulders of model wearing Chanticleer hat of bird feathers


1910s One of the latest fillets, very theatrical in effect


aero gown, 1910
1910s Paquin blue tailored suit


The Pantaloon Gown in Los Angeles

1911 Woman modeling pantaloon gown in Los Angeles.


1911 May Paris fashion, polka-dot sleeves and hem


Oct 9, 1912 Socialite and actress Lillie Langtry


1912 Paris Fashions


Gaby Deslys, the French singer and actress. Listen to her sing and read about her love affair with the King of Portugal here. 

1913 Mar 29 Gaby Deslys, full length, seated, facing slightly left, wearing feathered hat


The wife of designer Paul Poiret modeled many of his gowns, including his automobile attire. I love the French people and they know their fashion so I won’t question them on the need for automobile attire.

1913 Mme. Paul Poiret modelling clothing designed by her husband- automobile attire
1913 Mme. Paul Poiret modelling clothing designed by her husband- American Indian fashion w: headband & feather
1913 Mme. Paul Poiret modelling clothing designed by her husband- dress with tasseled sash


Nov 1913 ermine trim coat with plumed hat


The fashions took a marked turn in 1914.

1914 Poiret check suit
1914 – Paquin race gown


Nov 19, 1914 Gertrude (Vanderbilt) Whitney
1914 Paris Fashion
1915- black faille gown by Lanvin



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