The Face of a Murderess

Take a good look at Blanca de Saulles.

Does she look like a murderess? Would you believe she is capable of murder?

Blanca de Saulles, seated 1911-1915 (LOC)


The Chilean-born socialite Blanca Elena Errázuriz Vergara married the handsome and wealthy American John de Saulles in Paris in 1911, when the bride was 17, the groom 32. De Saulles was a successful businessman but prior to that had been a college football player (and general player)

John De Saulles, in his college football days in 1901 (LOC)


On Christmas Day 1913, their son John, Jr. was born. Two years later, Blanca divorced John, Sr. She was 21 years old.

Blanca (LOC)

Two years later, Blanca murdered her ex-husband during a custody dispute over John, Jr.

John de Saulles


She was later acquitted after a sensational trial, provoking one newspaper to demand: Are women above the law?

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