The Fortune Teller

Would you look at this beautiful print? It’s called The Fortune Teller and it’s from 1904. It’s got a touch of Alphonse Mucha about it, but it’s not his work.

1904 Fortune Teller (LOC)


My fortune was written upside down so it took some effort to manipulate it enough to read it. I would give it a B in terms of accuracy.


I don’t have a particularly quick temper, but I do like history and being unrestricted. I fully expect I will inherit a small fortune (or even a large fortune) from a distant relative. I’m not aware of any relatives that have a fortune of any size but it is in the fortune so I think I can consider it a sure thing. I do not have a good memory; it would be fair to say it’s the reverse. Is “forgetful” the opposite of a “good memory”? If so, it’s probably a good bet that the person who created the Fortune Teller was also a Cancer.


My friend is very good at reading cards. She made a few YouTube videos under the name Violet Flame Tarot, where she lays out a few cards and each viewer can choose the one they like, and then you jump to the time in the video where she gives your reading. It’s free and fun to try!

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