Introducing the Narrator for the Cold Heart Audiobook (plus book cover question answered!)

I am delighted to share that Eric Kpakpo Addo has been selected to narrate the Cold Heart audiobook!

If you’re an audiobook listener, you’ll probably agree that the narrator’s voice matters just as much as the story. I received a number of high-quality submissions from potential narrators and Eric was my top choice. I can’t wait for you all to get to hear him!



A few people have asked, Who is the woman on the cover of the book?

Her name is Alice Hull Burdick, and she was the estranged wife of Ed Burdick. Initially, the newspapers described her admiringly: “Just a little woman is Mrs. Burdick. Remarkably petite and full of life, Alice Hull as a school girl and as a society woman was a general favorite with all who knew her. She is perhaps 35 years old, weighs 100 pounds, and is less than five feet in height. Mrs. Burdick has very large black eyes. Her nose is not quite straight and her mouth is just a trifle large. In dress, she is a model of perfection.”

Their later coverage of her was not so favorable!


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