Was King George V Responsible for the Murder of the Romanovs?

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Tsar and King
Tsar and King




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  1. The British Foreign Office HAD offered sanctuary for the Romanoffs to the provisional Russian government but on the advice of George V’s secretary, George pressured the British government not to act on the offer.
    He feared republican backlash at home and ignored the real danger facing his cousins. Although the British hid the details until after George’s death. George suffered pangs of regret and responsibility for the rest of his life.

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    • That’s so interesting. It’s easy for us to look backward and say he should’ve offered them asylum. It’s hard to feel sympathy for the King, but he may have thought the idea they would actually be murdered was outside the realm of possibility.


  2. george v was completely responsible for the Romanov deaths. his decision was contrary to that of his own government and was clearly and utterly made from self-interest. To say he didn’t think they would be murdered is absurd – his government saw the risk and must have told him. If he felt guilty after the event for the murder of those poor children I can only say so he should have!

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    • I wonder—I imagine he must have felt tortured with guilt. King George V lived until 1936, but the Romanovs’ bodies weren’t identified until 1991, so he never knew for sure what happened to them and that may have twisted the knife.


  3. What a JERK!!! Letting his 1st cousin, the Tsar, his wife, 4 daughters & son be SLAUGHTERED by the Bolshaevik’s. They were all shot first, then stabbed to death, and then dissolved with acid. Nice move George. You COULD have saved them ALL, or at least the children.

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    • Sadly, you’re 100% correct! I wonder how the king felt about it after they were so viciously murdered… he lived until the mid-1930s, I believe. Plenty of time to think about it…⏳⌛️


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